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Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS)

Ribbed Smoked Sheets of superior quality are processed from fresh field latex, soused from well managed rubber plantations, adopting modern processing methods . The latex collected from plantations is coagulated and the coagulum is sheeted out, smoke dried , graded and packed normally in 50 kg bundles or as agreed between the buyer and the seller. Packing of sheets in 50 Kg LDPE bags to prevent contamination by moisture and foreign materials is also in practice. The various grades of Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS) available are RSS I, III, IV, and RSS V. The higher grades of RSS forms RSS I to RSS III are mainly used for medical and pharmaceutical applications and for engineering products.

The lower grades of RSS IV and RSS V are used for the manufacture of automobile tyres, retrading materials and all other general rubber products. The grading is carried out acording to the standards published by Rubber Manufactures association( RMA) Inc, USA, "the Green book"

Indian Standard Natural Rubber (ISNR)

Processing of Natural Rubber into blocks similar to Synthetc rubbers adopting coast effective and modern processing methods is a notable improvements in the presentation of dry Natural Rubber from India.
This is in the line with consumer preference in the world rubber market for Technically speciified rubber which has the following advantages:
  • ISNR is technically certified rather than visually graded as in the case of sheets and crepe grades of NR.
  • Better consistency in quality
  • Compact packaging and Less contamination in handling and transportation.

In view of the better consumer acceptance, the production of ISNR have increased and at present there are 60 units processing ISNR in India. ISNR 10 & 20 are processed from field coagulum

Centrifuged Latex

Processing of natural rubber latex into quality latex concentrate is done through centrifugation. This process involves separation of preserved field latex as centrifuged latex of more than 60% dry rubber content. Centrifuged Latex is today available commercially in two different verities – with High Ammonia ( maximum 0.3% ammonia). The former is preserved solely with ammonia and the Latex contains one or more preservatives besides ammonia.

Centrifuged Latex Grades

Latex concentrates of the following grades are available to meet the specific needs of customers.
  • 60% Centrifuged and Double centrifuged Latex. High Ammonia and Low Ammonia latex concentrates.
  • Radiation Vulcanized Natural rubber Latex.
  • Specialty grades like “Viscosity Stabilized"‘ and other tailor made forms.

Cover Crops

Cover Crops could be considered the backbone of any annual cropping system that seeks to be sustainable. In this publication we summarize the principal uses and benefits of cover crops and green manures. Brief descriptions and examples are provided for: winter cover crops; summer green manures; living mulches; catch crops; and some forage crops. To impart a sense for the importance of these practices in sustainable farming, we summarize the effect of cover crops and green manures on: organic matter and soil structure; nitrogen production; soil microbial activity; nutrient enhancement; rooting action; weed suppression; and soil and water conservation.
  1. Pueraria Javanica seeds
  2. Calopogoniun mucunoides seeds
  3. Mucuna seeds